Who We Work With

We work with innovative teams that think different and are looking to stand out. Those that want to engage with customers in new and meaningful ways.


Spectar is bringing Augmented Reality to the construction site. HOUT works closely with Spectar on Product design/development, engineering, and telling the story of how AR will transform construction.

Hindsite Software

Hindsite has been a successful desktop software business for many years. The team at Hindsite has recently focused on a transition to the cloud and enlisted help from outside teams on this journey. HOUT has been a critical partner in helping HindSite take its SaaS business to the next level by helping develop a structured approach to product design and development process that has transformed the product, process, team, and quality.

TenA Companies

A top firm in the Mortgage Auditing industry, TenA has worked closely with HOUT over several years to design and develop software, marketing strategy and content, and strategy.


DocuMNtary is a film centered on building awareness of the technology community in Minnesota by telling the story of a robust ecosystem, a rich history, companies building tech today, incredible people, and showing that Minnesota is more than just cold.

Watch the main film and many more videos at


Monocl is a wearable for the hunting and shooting industry that helps shooters with Cross Eye Dominance aim with confidence by occluding the dominant eye when they need it.

Persistent Technologies Inc.

Persistent Technologies is an IT Services firm building mission-critical success platforms for government clients.